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I have been told I need to write a blog to share what I think and usually say out loud. I'm still not sure that's the very best idea. But this is it, as a fair warning – an official unvarnished Becky's blog. And like everything else I say, it's unnecessary to agree, and it's merely for right now. I could change my mind about some of this -- even before I finish writing it.

It's easy to believe that eyewear is like anything else in "fashion." Just when you convinced yourself it was an investment in a more exciting future to buy those highly coveted pointed toes, over the knee, 4-inch heels, whiskey-colored suede boots, you read an article that tells you booties with lower, chunky heels are all the rage. And just like that, you are so last week.

So, what's the next hot look in eyewear? Bigger, thicker, thinner, and tinted. Not much help, am I? That's because no matter how Dramatic! Fresh! Or Sassy! a style frame, what works on me, doesn't work on Marti (my coworker), and I mean never! We've worked side by side for 14 years and have never been able to pull off wearing the same frame. And we don't want to. Please make no mistake; she's super cute has a beautiful long face and naturally beautiful skin, totally different hair color, skin, and eyes. And suffice it to say, I'm far from that. Full, freckles, and frank! But no matter how Fabulous! that new style, it's just not going to flatter both of us.

We still roam the globe (sadly, virtually over the last year) and work with our designer reps to find the most creative absolute latest styles. We know what's trending up across the fashion capitals of the world. We know that right now, it's all about larger and thicker in plastics, acetates, and Zyls. We see larger and thinner in metals. Unexpected color combinations are striking, and deeper shapes are a must! Combinations of materials is a game-changer.

And what's not so hot these days? Rectangles. Please don't hate me. Just stop reading now if I've hit a nerve. Flat vertical measurements are totally dated! But remember, every challenge offers an opportunity. Step out of your box! Update your specs. Consider changing your frames as the equivalent of stepping up with a new finely tailored suit, luxury handbag, or signature piece of jewelry. That eyewear is going to make a more emphatic statement about you.

For many of us, you'll be making that statement during Zoom meetings, wearing face masks, and social distancing. Which means there's more attention than ever given to your eyewear. It's part of your face that isn't covered! What kind of frames should you wear during a pandemic? I give the same advice as always. I recommend a shape that compliments your face, your skin tone, and your hair. Side note, if you have been the brave one that has welcomed your new natural color, Bravo!! I firmly believe hair and skin age together, and the frame you sported as a fiery redhead is probably not the perfect choice for your new demure, soft, salt and pepper look. Please trust us to help you select this essential accessory to complement the new you.

Did you know that the quality of your lenses will impact your appearance on camera? Looking your best on Zoom, Teams, or FaceTime requires some extra consideration. If you wear colored lenses, like Transitions, they will change to match the environment's light. It would be unusual if they didn't maintain some color indoors and even more in front of a screen. Looking like you have a grey or dark eye area (not just your eyes, but the skin around them) may not be the young, vibrant, and healthy look you want to convey on an interview or speaking with your boss, teammates, or a potential client. AR coatings come in many different classes, just as frames. I encourage my clients to invest in top quality, applied to both surfaces of the lens.

To sum up, today's look is about channeling the late 70's and welcoming back the early 80's. But make sure you aren't drowning in the frames. I always say when it comes to eyewear, there's fashion and there's style. Choose yours wisely! Your style should be undeniable, and your eyewear must always convey it.

It's been a tough year, and we understand if new frames aren't a priority. But that's no excuse not to visit us! Even if you love, love, love the frames you have, they probably can use a "tune-up" to ensure they fit correctly. Please make an appointment with us to give them a bath, alignment, and checkup of the frame and lenses. This simple act of "self-care" can make a huge difference in your VIEW! And heck, we would love to see you!

Cheers, my friends,

Stay healthy, happy, and more hopeful!

Big love and bigger gratitude,



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