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Selecting luxury eyewear should be a relaxed and highly personal experience allowing time to discuss lifestyle, taste preferences, and aspirations for individual expression. We have taken this approach for the past fifteen years, during the hours we are open and in scheduled appointments. The COVID-19 crisis compelled us to change our business model to appointments only for the health and safety of our clients and our team.

Our enormous, diverse, and beautifully curated collection of luxury eyewear outshines anywhere in the Triad, the Southeast, and as I’ve been told, by clients, some of whom fly in regularly from New Jersey (God bless ‘em!), kicks the butt of every “boutique” between Manhattan and Miami.
That’s my goal!

I’ve traveled around the world (every trip could generate a juicy novel) to meet the hot designers who bring the buzz. I was on the board of the largest optical trade organization in the US (where I was often told I had too many opinions—Is that a criticism?). I stay dialed into the international fashion eyewear world, so I always know where ALL the bodies are—even the poorly dressed ones.

I found my true love forty years ago and still spend every day satisfying my passion. Thanks to my opticianry training, years of experience (OK, decades), a (healthy) obsession with art, proportion, color, and design, and what some may describe as a “relentless” talent for persuasion, you’ll leave The View on Elm with transformative eyewear and a future of compliments.


“When we design gorgeous eyewear that fits perfectly, enhances your appearance, and changes your life, you’ll not only tell your friends (which makes us ECSTATIC! Thanks in advance.), you’ll return…again and again. Pretty soon The View on Elm will be your guilty pleasure.”

- Becky -

Enough about me. Marti, my partner in my passion, is also a technically trained, Licensed Optician, with brains and beauty! She’s colorful, talented, and she too always has an opinion. (Softer than mine and much more tactfully communicated.) She is so technical that it makes my head spin. You can bet NO ONE inspects a pair of eyeglasses better than this meticulous perfectionist. Marti adores animals, days off (and the calm of MY days off), and of course, the love of her life. That is a well-kept secret as we must protect the innocent. She is also passionate about her eyewear. We won’t reveal the breadth of her collection, but she rocks every frame!


Hi! My name is Georgie. Contrary to what you might think, I’m the boss man around this hot spot! And I’m a little finicky (well not just a little). I’m not as young as I once was, but I’m super cute. Few recognize what breed dog I am, and that’s because I’m not a dog in my world. My favorite sport is following my mom all over this beautiful gallery, begging for sweet potato chips and watching Marti eat her savory lunches. Just wish she’d miss her mouth. I look forward to having you visit,

Cause I’m the rock in their Roll!


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