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  • John Streszoff


Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I never figured this for my first blog of my 16yr old “love child”, The View on Elm. By now, most of you know of the devastation of the night of May 31 during which The View on Elm and many of our beautiful neighbors on Elm Street suffered due to violence coming after peaceful protests. Our store was completely destroyed, and in the days since, all of our efforts, along with a broken heart, have been focused on cleaning up and planning for our reopening.

The outpouring of love, support, and generosity has been humbling and greatly appreciated. We had been seeing clients at the store by appointment only during May and are most thankful to those who visited us while observing social distancing and wearing masks. We were looking forward to a steady increase due to needs, wants and desires, and our clients missing us, as much as we were missing them! Unfortunately, that recovery period was brief and cut short by the vandalism.

As I watched this past Thursday my life’s work hauled out, and placed in a GSO Garbage truck, I was reminded once again, of two things – Life and everything in it is delicate, not to mention precious! And #2 – What the world needs now is love!

As we work to completely build the interior of the store with antimicrobial materials that will stay beautiful through extensive cleaning and will make the future healthier and far safer for us all, we are continuing to see clients by appointment. We lost a tremendous amount of our unique frames through robbery and damage, but our network of international designers has like many of you, stepped up and jumped in. They are all helping us restock with the newest styles and the timeless looks that are our specialty, not to mention our heart and soul.

Many people have asked, what can we do to help? For a start, you can focus on the causes and movements that will heal our nation and our city. Support #blacklivesmatter and our COVID heroes and any others that promote love and unity. Share your love in overdrive! And if you want to help us directly, please make an appointment to visit us for new eyewear, or anything you might need! We’re open for business! We can’t wait to see your beautiful face, happy heart, and positive energy!!

And last but surely not least, it is the challenges that make us grow, better ourselves, and find our meaning of life. From the bottom of my healing heart, I want to thank YOU for joining me over the many years in this incredible journey birthing, building, raising, and loving my sweet child, The View on Elm.

For without you, there is no View!

All my heart,



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