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Handcrafted in Marseille, France, this quirky collection imbues geometric and asymmetrical shapes with bold attention–demanding patterns. To penetrate the universe of Xit is to accept to see things differently, to love surprises, and to embrace the daring cheekiness sophisticated styles juxtaposed with shock details. Playing on materials as much as on colors, Xit’s creations are crafted from microperforated stainless steel, polished acetate with contrasting inserts, and light and translucent nylon. This eccentric brand sparks the imagination of flamboyant personalities with abundant energy.

“This irresistible French artist creates styles for every taste, in scrumptious colors and with unique detailing that subtly conveys the influences of art and nature. The collection names–Alcohol, Prestige, Genesis, Vertigo among them–speak to the serendipity and spirit of the designs and the wearers. Xavier designs the most fun sunglass in the house for ladies, but hey, his frames for men are super special too!”

- Becky -

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