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“Creative originality” has been Traction Productions’ promise since 1872 since the French brand began expressing a unique vision of eyewear for generations of individuals who aren’t afraid to look life in the eye. Unusual patterns and shapes combine to decorate the eyes with assertive and pioneering good looks in groundbreaking styles. Wearing Traction Productions frames is a powerful personality-revealing affirmation—“My life is an ambitious and unique search for style that I embark on every day.”

“No one does color like the French, and Traction Productions never disappoints. Let me warn, you won’t want to edit them out because when I match them with the right face shape, complexion shade, and hair color, they are the consummate choice! So what if your hair color changes? Invest in more glasses! You can’t update your look and NOT update your most important accessory!”

- Becky -

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