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“We mix up fun, color, design, and art and play to change the way the world looks, one smile at a time. We create happiness for people’s faces.” This Belgian designer tells his blissful, mischievous, and decidedly quirky followers, “Theo loves you” with every outrageous, edgy, avant-garde frame. Crafted from modern materials with incredible durability, collections are offered in the one-of-a-kind colors that were conceived to match real-life objects ranging from geraniums and tomatoes to Mini Coopers!

“It’s hard to wrap my head around every new release. Theo collections just get better and better, and when the industry thinks there’s no way they can outdo themselves, we’re all smitten yet again with the audacity and playfulness of their next new trend. Yes, they have their own colors, and there’s no vanilla. Meet my friends the Belgium Crayon box. No one makes happier colors! Brilliant original design, amazing collaborations with aluminum, and the coolest brothers in the entire industry, of course that got that from their uber cool dad!”

- Becky -

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