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“To be a designer today is not to be subjected to the current trend, but rather to deal with it, reinvent it, and always innovate it, with patience and determination,” according to Pierre Carivan, self-described hyperactive and passionate designer of this eponymous ‘100% Certified, Handmade in France brand. With original shapes highlighted by brilliant colors, each frame reflects a harmony between elegance and simplicity in collections defined as emblematic, daring, timeless, discreet, extravagant, and the ne plus ultra, Bandapart.

“Outside the box, completely adventuresome, this is not a line for the faint of heart. Don’t wear these if you don’t want attention and sincere flattery. You make a strong statement with Pierre, but the glasses will always be secondary to your powerful personality! I think these folks truly get the most compliments. Perhaps it’s just the best ice-breaker for pick-up lines?”

- Becky -

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