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Chrome Hearts is the choice of the extremely confident and powerful who demand the most opulent eyewear in the world. The idiosyncratic design elements include gold and sterling silver in Goth rock jewelry motifs, some embellished with diamonds and other precious stones. Frames are crafted from exotic skins, polished wood, hand-stitched leather, titanium, and Italian and Japanese acetate. The Carl Zeiss CR39 Lenses feature a three-layer anti-reflective coating on the interior and an inflexible coating on the exterior for maximum lens protection and the least distortion and chromatic aberration.

“The Chrome Hearts collector is a whole different species of badass. This most exclusive brand was created by a pure biker/rock n’ roller and it shows. It takes a special kind of outlaw to wear a pair of frames engraved with “F*&#$ You,” no matter how discreetly that message is positioned. This is my true obsession, no one takes more time to create such a beautiful work of art for the face. Whether it’s clear, a sexy wash of color, or the ultimate sun shades, you just need to touch it, experience it, and wear it to feel the vibe!”

- Becky -

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