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Each frame in this illustrious line is handmade in Japan by skilled artisans who spend weeks rigorously perfecting every detail, from the frame’s foundation to the deep glossy finish. The iconic “Big ‘80s” aesthetic is simplified and redefined into a striking new classic through the clever fusing of vintage designs with 21st-century materials. A favorite among attorneys, academics, and other professionals, the line conveys confidence and sophistication.

“When eyewear legends Bill Barton and Patty Perreira formed their independent brand in 2007, they evolved the iconic chicly oversized classic 80’s vibe into a fresh and sophisticated attitude that electrified our industry. I am never disappointed with their collections. Do yourself a favor and think about Barton Perreira sunglasses too. They’re the best sunscreen you can invest in, and you’ll feel gorgeous at the same time!”

- Becky -

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